Voyages’ journey towards 2018 starts at the very beginning with a new video for their debut single, New Year’s Day. The Bath 5-piece, who have created a warm blend of 60’s pop with golden harmonies, will release their debut EP, New Year’s Day on vinyl on 7th January that includes 5 brand new tracks enriched by the psychedelic sounds of singer/songwriter, Will Walter’s record collection.

The single, New Year’s Day began life as a poem that Walter wrote on New Year’s Day, which was ultimately a stream of consciousness brought on by a goddamn awful year and catastrophic New Year’s Eve party which resulted in loss of phone, wallet and mind.

The video is a candid style fast cut clip video based around a long weekend in Tenerife where my twin brother and I went on a mission to film three videos in two days,” explains the frontman. “We spent 20 hour days on buses and coaches, filming on top of volcanoes and in prohibited derelict swimming pools, working with the DIY skating attitude of get in, shoot it and get out quick. It is an anti-Christmas video – set not in the sleet covered streets of England, but in a sun-burnt foreign terrain nodding to the possibilities and not the realities of the life you live.

The track also includes a spoken word section formed by an extract from Roseanne McGonigle’s ‘The New Year in, Song’ where she says: “The logs were burning brightly; it was a night that should banish all sin. For the bells were ringing the old year out and the New Year in.”

Whether your own New Year’s Eve will be a disastrous affair, or a total success, will obviously be down to you keeping your own shit together. Only time will tell if you will fall one way or another but as Walter reminds us: “The New Year’s Day EP is based around the mistakes made over the last year and the notion that if you didn’t make any you probably didn’t take enough chances,” and history tells us that those who take risks can be the most successful, so enjoy whatever path you make this year and don’t look back.

Voyages are twins, Will and Tim Walter on vocals/keys, their brother Ollie Walter on guitar, playing alongside another set of twins in James and Lewis Woods, who take care of bass and drums.

Their debut five track EP is available to pre-order now on vinyl that also comes with a digital download from here

Watch the Music Video for New Year’s Day below: