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The Sunset Cave is a short story about a redheaded woman who kills the tourists that mistake her for a prostitute. The Priest and the Thief is about the Church and corruption, and the obsolete concept of religion for mass control in an era in which we have almost all the world’s information at the distance of a click. Purple Bird and Other Uninvited Guests talks about that person that you invite to your home and you regret it the very moment she crosses the door. The Absence of a God Has Made Me Free‘s title speaks for itself. The Finest Woman I Have Ever Met talks about the figure of the woman in my life. Fishes Swimming in the Sand came out of the weirdest dream of my life, which took place in a night when I may or may not smoked too much. The song is about refugees and people with no other options. Kafka on the Shore is a Haruki Murakami poem from his same-titled book. The Basement is my oldest song, and is preceded by Preludio, driven by Dana Colley’s soothing saxophone. Speaks is about my friend’s basement –yes, it’s quite literal–, a place that housed our most wonderful drunk escapades. Carefulness and Other Bad Advice is about the figure of my mother in my life.


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My second LP, Purple Bird and Other Strange Songs, is out on Custom Made Music, from Virginia, USA. The record has eleven songs, with two instrumentals among them, composed and recorded in a very tricky period of my life and influenced by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, The Doors and Morphine, among others. The record was recorded, produced and mastered at Akrasonic Studios, in Barcelona, during my second chemotherapy treatment. Nevertheless, unlike Requiem for Myself (Aiguamoll Records, 2015), my first record –recorded in similar circumstances–, the songs’ theme doesn’t revolve around this issue as I think I wrote everything I had to write about it the first time.


First tour dates (UK and France dates to be announced)


15/4 Barcelona, Ultra Local Records

21/4 Madrid, El Perro de la Parte de Atrás del Coche (+ Los Peixes, Tornado Wilde)

11/5 Barcelona, Almo2bar (+ Heaters)

19/5 Bilbao, Cotton Club (+ Buenas Tardes, Comandante)

20/5 Valencia, Magazine (+ La Biere Ganchosa)

26/5 Madrid, Contraclub

1/7 Barcelona, Sala Monasterio (+ Keep Out, Errático, Malachi Estéreo, Nice Place)


This is the record’s tracklist:


The Sunset Cave

The Priest and the Thief

Purple Bird and Other Uninvited Guests

The Absence of a God Has Made Me Free

Finest Woman I Have Ever Met

What Are They Up To

Fishes Swimming In The Sand

Kafka On The Shore


The Basement

Carefulness and Other Bad Advice


I’m Weinf, 22, from Barcelona, Spain. I recorded this album at the end of last year, during my second chemotherapy treatment. I’m all right now. I began to release music in 2015, with Requiem for Myself (Aiguamoll Records), a concept album –recorded the first time I went through the chemo thing– about my relationship with my illness and its treatment. It was followed by Bury Me With My Money (Wiener Records, 2016), a 3 track EP, and then I got sick again. Now I’m releasing Purple Bird and Other Strange Songs, out on Custom Made Music.

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