J & The Rest’s formation story is one described as a ‘series of happy musical coincidences’. Frontman Jamal was invited to a studio for a jam session by a friend, this session began the formation of the band, with two other future members, John and Louis being present. With their friend Ricky coming on board as their drummer, J & The Rest began their musical career. Now fresh off the back of performing at Fieldview Festival, the lads have released their debut EP, ‘4 a.m. Again’.

The title track, ‘4 a.m. Again’ kicks it off with some synth, quickly transitioning into quick beats with speedy vocals to match. This song will keep you on your tones and leave you wishing you were sat at a beach bar, pina colada in hand. The chorus is simple, but the instrumentals make it incredibly catchy. Guitars, keys and other beats make this a true summer track that will be brought to life on the festival circuit.

Jamal’s voice works with a diverse range of sounds, with the next track, ‘All Clear’ offering a stark change to the opening track. Fast guitar traded for some slower, rhythmic tunes. The contrast is notable, showing the extent of the range of these guys, however it still feels like some great summer easy listening.

Track 3 of 4, ‘Kisses on the Mirror’ isn’t to be missed either, once again it shows the strength of both Jamal’s vocals, and the backing tracks. The production deserves massive praise, catchy tunes aren’t easy to make, and they’re even harder to actually be good.

We started big and loud, and we end slow and soft with ‘Weary Love’. The big production still stands, but here it’s the vocals and the lyrics that take centre stage, a bit of a difference to the first track on the EP.

The title track is unsuprisingly the standout, however this is one of those rare EPs where you won’t be needing the skip button for any of the tracks. You can feel the bond of these guys through the music, everything is in sync and works together in such an effortless way.

Download their EP and make sure to follow the band on Twitter and Facebook.



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