The work of guitarist and singer-songwriter Daniel Childerley, ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ is the latest album from his musical alter ego Falcon Down. Revelling in a flawed but affecting voice and the ever charming strum of the acoustic guitar, the album is well put together and a very strong DIY effort from the songwriter.

Blended into the acoustic chords and licks, a distinct feel of Americana begins to emerge subtly from the album – sometimes thanks to a certain change of chord, other times thanks to a twang in the vocal. It has the effect of adding some nice colour to set this particular songwriter apart.

Highlights include the excellent introduction of chilled out opener ‘She’, plus the unusual chord patterns and dark lyrics of ‘Unsung Hero’, and on the more pacy side there’s the acoustic rock of ‘Recovering Falcons’. These are the three best examples of Childerley’s work – understated, skilled, and promising.




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