If you are looking to escape the daily dreariness of your mind and ponder the Universe to discover deeper levels of consciousness through music, look no further than the new album by The Pocket Gods, ‘The Jesus and Mary Chain’.

This is an album of many layers and many different genres of music which proves after 20 years together, this band is still experimenting and delving into the creativity of finding new sounds.

The first track, ‘The Perfect Blue’, is a fast-paced song with a slight leaning towards almost sounding a bit country but is a great listen for all.  The band then jumps straight in after that with ‘She’s Got Monsters’ which is an altogether different sound and all about being unique, quirky and quite endearingly folksy.

From there, the album continues on with that theme of the wonderously abstract with songs like, ‘LA LA LA Off to Trump Land We Go’, ‘Bring Me The Head of Francis Bacon’ and ‘Bermuda Rectangular’ which all experiment with either singular or minimal lyrics to great effect peppered with a variant choice of instruments.

The band carries on their exploration of sound as they delve into the more electronica tracks, leaning towards a more urban, even danceable beat at times with songs such as, ‘Nothing Makes Sense Anymore’ and ‘My Next High’.    And, a sure-to-be favourite, Searching For The Divine which is beat-oriented and well suited to a club atmosphere due to the great use of keyboards but retaining the psychedelica in keeping with the band’s ethos and kaleidoscope of experimentation.

The Jesus and Mary Chain, the title track, with its percussive opening followed heartily by guitar and keyboards, is an ode to the drama of prog rock.  After some time being an instrumental piece, a simple line of lyrics breaks the silence and takes the song into a sort of rap or speak-singing direction, changing the mood a bit.  It’s a track to be explored a few times to get the deepening flavour that can only be learned on repeat.

However, ‘Ketchup Met Frittern’, the final track, really stretches the legs of this band and is revelatory to the true nature of the album and indeed the band itself.  It begins with electric and acoustic guitar paired in tandem.  Then, after a minute, the drums come in to join, simply and effectively.   Next up, some keyboards are added, and finally, after 2 minutes’ time, vocals follow in to accent the trippy nature and the song then takes on an alternative rock sound which creates a laid back, slow, methodic feel.  The track then finishes with what sounds like a free-flowing stream of consciousness poem backed primarily by the acoustic guitar that gives pause for thought about the melancholy side of life, and creates a powerful end to the album.

No matter what your musical interest, this album deserves a listen.  There is a plethora of sound to discover and ample beats to find your rhythm.  It’s innovative and visionary with plenty of music to entice and break loose the concrete in your head.