Review by Summer Grant

Completely drenched in their uniquely addictive style, Wallflower will be Purple’s UK debut. Slathered with a juicy layer of defiant punk pop the Texan band have refused to yield to music industry pressures and are refusing to join the masses of outright superficial pop.

With the energy of No Doubt and a voice that’s akin to Courtney Love’s, there’s a lot to enjoy about this track. The first impression is that it is powerful and passionate, a view supported by the ease with which Hanna Brewer is able to slide from one style to another. This is further boosted by the steady rhythm of the guitar, which is of course responsible for the steady backbone of the track The persistent beat creates a highly addictive hook that borrows deep within your mind.

The enjoyable chaos of the vocals is contrasted by the guitar and its fellow instruments. They’ve created a calmer facade to the song, until it reaches the guitar solo that shatters the illusion entirely. It’s fait to say that this is a post-punk track that harkens back to the good old days of music. The song is relentless and never once slows down, it pounds away ensuring that it makes an impression upon the subconscious.

Wallflower is out now.

Summer Grant

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