The Moods, an intensely talented 10-piece collective from Manchester, have recently released their impressive album, ‘Missing Peace’ and have set out touring to celebrate and promote this true work of art.

(Full disclosure here:  I love this band dearly and their infectious energy but have been determined to evaluate and review this album with the required distance of a journalist!)

The opening track, P.O.P. (Profit Over People) sets the pace and brings you to what I believe is at the core of their poetic and thoughtful mission; listen, enjoy but think.  There is true artistry here demonstrated in the constant backing beat that is solid and anchoring when coupled with the lyrics which are executed in such distinction.

And, the album continues to go from strength to strength with every track, there is no wonder why crowds respond with such affection and spirit, you can’t help but not fall for what this band brings.  The mix of reggae, electronica, soulful vocals, drum & bass and a deep dose of dance, this band has all that you seek from modern music.

Highlights and total standout tracks like ‘Inception’, ‘Joy’ (my personal favourite!), ‘P.O.P’ and ‘Missing Peace’ reveal the intensity of their talent and cohesion they create together as a large collaborative.  Each band member brings their own unique talent and its clearly mirrored and intensified by the presence of all involved.

What I continue to find striking about the album is although you are enjoying the beat, and the technically able delivery of all the instrumentation and vocals, the lyrics continually tap at you to remind you of poignant topics that need to be heard.  That is the centric point that distinguishes this band from others; there is heart and soul here, not just music.  This is a band for today; aware, thoughtful, talented, precise, energetic, and truly authentic.


See The Moods, ‘Profit Over People’ Video here: