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Never had I heard music more in tune to today’s world and so well written. This girl knows exactly what she’s doing and clearly, she is killing the game right now. Alessia Cara is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from Brampton, Canada. Her song “Here” became the top trending song on Spotify, which achieved 500,000 streams in its first week! And for good reason. It’s a song that gets into the mindset of the party wallflower aka those kids at the party that don’t necessarily wanna be there. Alessia herself says, “‘Here’ is unapologetically autobiographical: ‘Here’ is a true story. It’s a party song, but really it’s the complete opposite of a party song. It’s absolutely me; it shouts out the person in the corner of the party, looking around uncomfortably. I feel like this song narrates what the wallflower is thinking.” Click the link below to hear it for yourself!

Alessia Cara’s “Here”

She released her EP, Four Pink Walls with the hit song “Here” in April of this year. Her music career only skyrocketed from there. She was signed to Def Jam Records and has performed on shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Then just a few months after  EP, Alessia released her studio album, Know-It-All. That album garnered rave reviews by Billboard: “As first impressions go, Know-It-All is a charismatic balance between dreams and reality that makes its author stick out in the most impressive way.”

I think what makes her so great and why she’s getting all this recognition is because of how relatable and creative she is. My favorite songs of hers are definitely “Here” and “I’m Yours.” Her songwriting is such a refreshing take on the typical teenage moments we all go through. And she may categorize into R&B, but honestly, she could do whatever she wants. She oozes charm and personality through her voice and when she performs. Whether it be her music or her music videos, she embodies those teenage years that we all remember and she puts that into this album. Especially with the video for “I’m Yours”, you get the impression of her talent, but also the realness factor of her just chilling in her cul-de-sac (video link below).

Alessia Cara’s “I’m Yours”

There was one thing Alessia said that really stuck with me while she was interviewed by Taylor Swift: “Authenticity and being you works.” (side note you should watch that interview on her Vevo channel). She has made it her goal to put the music first, leaving trivial things like image aside. And it works for her! These are the reasons why this bright young talent is going to have a bright future in the industry. All I know is if I don’t get this album for Christmas, I better get money so I can go buy it for myself!