Under the Bridge in London’s Fulham neighbourhood was host to American Young, the country artist duo, on Friday the 30th June to headline the club’s ‘Nashville Nights’.  And, the magnetism of the pair was felt almost at once as soon as they took to the stage and it carried on throughout their set.

It was amazing to see a UK audience respond so instantaneously and without hesitation to American Young, but, the appetite for all things country has sharply risen in recent years here in England.  It was clear to see that these were devout country fans, not just any old audience.

Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone, who comprise the duo, were also accompanied by backing guitar and drums.  Both are extremely talented songwriters so it is no surprise their lyrics are open, honest and rooted deep in the anchor that is country.  Listening to Jon’s slightly husky tones mingled with Kristy’s feather light vocals created a fantastic symmetry to the songs that was undeniable.  You could feel the creativity and energy building as they burned through every song.  The instrumental solos of Kristy’s lilting, almost soulful violin and the guitarist’s blazing solo cooked the atmosphere until it was just electric.

They performed a few of their singles, including ‘Love is War’ which was very touching, warm, and engaging in delivery.  ‘Party After Dark’, was a modern, edgy and clever song that translated well live. They continued with the evocative and nostalgic single ‘Eighteen’ and added a few familiar songs that have been recorded by other artists but the crowd ate it all up with ease gladly singing along to every song.  There was some serious love going back and forth between the crowd and the stage.

Country music is always a great leveller but American Young left the crowd open to feel the music resulting in plenty of dancing and swaying with the flow that was impossible to resist.  They sounded equally impressive live as they did on the album which is not easy to achieve.  It was a phenomenal set by some truly gifted country artists. They are rumoured to be returning to the UK later in the year and I highly recommend you try to catch a performance, you will be glad you did.


Photos by Peter Whitehead/#PremiumPhotographic