Brian Fallon, best known for his role in the band Gaslight Anthem, is back with his sophomore solo album Sleepwalkers.

Composed of 12 tracks, Sleepwalkers packs a punch. From the already released opener, ‘If Your Prayers Don’t Get To Heaven’, all the way through. Fallon chose a strong opening track, it’s upbeat, peppy and sets a scene for the rest of the album, even if it may not all be sunshine and roses. Finishing on some of the catchiest beats you’ll hear, ‘If Your Prayers Don’t Get To Heaven’ is a smart song to choose to rope listeners further in.

The title track, ‘Sleepwalkers’ has a distinctively jazzy feel and is not at all similar to ‘Little Nightmares’ that comes before it. It’s not what you immediately expect, making it the perfect namesake for a album that almost spans genres at times; ‘Come Wander With Me’ feels almost pop-like at moments. In ‘Sleepwalkers’, Fallon has perfectly marred his raspy drawl with big brass making something really special. There’s even a side of vulnerability with some soft piano and calm vocals. It’s a well rounded track and a solid centrepiece for the album as a whole.

Despite the lyrics being incredible downbeat, Fallon has turned ‘Forget Me Not’ into a wonderfully cheerful masterpiece showing that music doesn’t have to be taken too seriously all the time. He’s a fan of a bit of a yowl in tracks, as Rolling Stone have noted, it’s a bit like Little Richard in the best way.

Hopefully Fallon will no longer feel the pressure to play Gaslight Anthem tracks, he now has a massive wealth of tracks to truly call his own. It’s hard to peg a few standout tracks as its a massively impressive collection. ‘Sleepwalkers’ is my personal favourite, it almost stands out from the rest of the album just based on the sound of the backing alone. Sleepwalkers shows the true strength he has as a performer and songwriter, he’s created a diverse collection of sounds to prove that there really isn’t anything he can’t do.

Make sure to catch Fallon on tour in the UK next month and across the United States throughout Spring.

Pre-order Sleepwalkers here ready for its release on February 9th.

Listen to ‘Forget Me Not’ below.