Listening to Lauren Ray is like experiencing a knowing, warm breeze that lends a great deal of atmosphere.  Her music washes over you and you feel slightly more grounded and able after experiencing her songs live.  And, I did experience just that response following her set at The Junction in Cambridge recently as she tours with Lucy Spraggan.

Lauren performed alone with just her keyboard framed in a beautiful pink smokey light, singing songs from her debut album.  She presented a simple, pared back and relaxed backdrop with her keyboard that established the backbone for her lyrical and poetic vocals.

She started her set with ‘Drive’ which was a lovely, slightly moody song that she executed beautifully and with grace as she lightly touched the top notes with a feathery ease. She took the time to introduce each song with a funny and endearing back story that made the listening that much more poignant.

Lauren had a captive crowd throughout and engaged the audience to sing-a-long by teaching a few lyrics as she went as well.  Her sunny and bright approach made other songs that had a more sombre and darker content like ‘Paying For Love’ and ‘Come To Me’ easier to digest and all the more hypnotising and intriguing.

There is a gorgeous breathy and wispy quality to her voice, although still being clear and precise, coupled with the long control that she has which in turn creates such an aura of sun about what she is singing, whatever the subject. Marrying that to her clever, moving and often witty songwriting skills that clearly require no more than her keyboard as accompaniment.  Adding more would potentially muddy the clear waters she has developed.

The audience gave a strong response throughout and why wouldn’t they?  It was obvious the talent and artistry they saw in the performance Lauren gave and I suspect she gives the same every time she takes the stage.


Lauren’s debut album We Will Need Courage is out now:


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