Lucy Spraggan is not only a talented singer/songwriter, she is the definition of a trooper.  She came on stage at The Junction in Cambridge on her recent tour all smiles to an extremely eager audience, to say that although a doctor had told her to cancel her performance that night due to illness, she replied, ‘That’s not how we do things!’ and determinedly soldiered on.

With just keyboard accompaniment and her two acoustic guitars she alternated between, she never faltered on her performance.  Not once.  Surrounded by beautiful blue light, her music came across true and clear with a simple elegance and determination.

In her first song, she engaged the audience quickly in singing along and they happily obliged.  And actually, she had a total captive audience from the start who pretty much knew every word to most every song; the dedication of her fans was clear and endearing.  A very young audience member (just 10 years old she quickly admitted when asked) screamed out, ‘I love you Lucy!’ and that just said it all-Lucy has a strong following and their energy is infectious.

A particularly charming addition to her set was when a couple who were asked on stage for what seemed a chance to sing with Lucy but turned out to be an opportunity for one to go on bended knee and propose; terribly heart-warming and infused the room with a loveable vibe all the more.

Lucy performed many songs off her new album like, ‘If’, ‘Grown Up’ and a new version of ‘Toast and Tea’ that met with loud cheers of approval.  Her songs are so real and cleverly arranged one can’t help but resonate deep with each.  Her quiet confidence in the delivery of songs such as, ‘Dear You’, which garnered a moving response, speaks to her innate talent and knowledge that what she sings is truly heartfelt.

Her last song, ‘Unsinkable’ was a rousing finale that left everyone on a true high as Lucy sang with strength and conviction.  Proof certain that she is a strong musician and vocalist and one not to be missed.


Photos by ©PremiumPhotographic