Aged only 20, Sigrid is earning international fame with her single ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’, coming from an EP of the same name, which is no stranger to all the big radio stations, playlists, you name it and Sigrid is on it.

Before the international fame, Sigrid had already achieved success in her home of Norway back in 2013 with her single ‘Sun’, that managed to send her to festivals around the country, aged only 16. 2017 is a different story, with Sigrid now splitting her time between Bergen, Norway and London.

‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ is a track with an unusual origin: a recording session with a middle-aged man which, put frankly, killed her vibe. The song’s success has timed perfectly, after being named Hottest Track in the World Right Now on Radio 1, it’s lined up to become the sound of the summer, having racked up over 12 million plays on Spotify alone.

A girl who almost ended up studying law before her brother pushed her into music has now released one of the catchiest EPs in recent times. On the aptly named ‘Don’t Kill my Vibe’, ‘Plot Twist’ follows the title track with a distinctly Sia feel (especially around those ‘shots fired’ lines) that Sigrid works so well. This is pop with a heart, emotion and deep feeling. At only age 20, she has achieved which many struggle to ever do – create deep and meaningful pop singles

‘Fake Friends’ starts a touch slower than the last two tracks, keeping it real and raw. The track discusses the need to end difficult relationships, something we can all relate to, making this one easy to shout along to. The final track on the EP, ‘Dynamite – acoustic’, is definitely the right choice to end with, finishing the journey from bouncy pop tracks to an emotional ballad. Like Lorde’s ‘Liability’ ‘Dynamite’ discusses the difficulty of maintaining relationships and normalcy once a singer/songwriter career begins. It will be interesting to hear the non-acoustic version of this, which feels born for the piano backing.

What’s next for Sigrid? Well, her dream is to have a song on the soundtrack to The Sims, and so sang in Simlish, which would mean joining the ranks of Katy Perry, Paramore, Bastille and more who have all recorded songs especially for The Sims. We’ll be keeping an eye out for that one!

Her debut album is set to drop later this year.