bash1Italian singer/songwriter Luca Bash has teamed up with his guitar virtuoso partner Giova Pes to release a new compilation EP. Single Drops takes one song from each of the duos four EPs released in 2014: Key Black, Yellow, Cyan and Magenta. Bash and Pes together are known as CMYK (standing for the letters of the corresponding album colors) and they also added a new single to this EP, called “Your Tomorrow.”

To say Luca Bash and Giova Pes are an acoustic duo is a bit simplistic. Each guitar track is expertly crafted by Bash, while Pes adds high quality ornamentation and both players’ technique is near flawless. Pes’ lead guitar helps define the duo’s musical style, which is cheery with a Latin/American country base. Pes’ lead guitar, however, can often venture into some more blues or even rock solo work.

The lyrics to most of these works are conversely quite melancholy and even bleak. Bash freely asserts that he has a tendency to examine the darker elements of life in his writing, and that is evident in his music. To compliment this element of his music, his vocals generally take on an indie rock feel, with minor keys and subtle tones. It seems there is thus a balancing act being performed between the dark and introspective tone of the vocals in most CMYK songs and the uplifting feel of the guitars.   Similarly the balance between the positive-sounding, uplifting guitars and more pessimistic lyrics. Balance seems to be the name of Lucs Bash’s game in both the CMYK series and in the new single, “Your Tomorrow,” and he does it masterfully.

“Your Tomorrow” follows the pretty acoustic melody  fans have come to expect from Bash and Pes, though on this particular track it is more classic folk than Latin-inspired. Pes’ ornamentation is similarly more subtle than usual, but he adds spice with his solo work towards the middle. Bash’s vocals are also very classic folk, but the subject matter is still rather charged; the frustration of working within a confining and corrupt modern society yet still trying to find hope and love. Thus the lyrics themselves become about balance as well: love versus hate and happiness in a world of doubt. Bash is still able to convey the emotions in his vocals despite the sublety of the music. There is a sense of hope which creeps into “Your Tomrrow,” a theme not often seen in Bash’s lyrics.

Luca Bash, who now has over 30 years’ experience as a songwriter, has won awards for his work with CMYK in his native Italy. Now with his subtle yet technically clean composition and his gifted partner Giova Pes, he is gaining an international following as well. Single Drops can be streamed in its entirety on Luca Bash’s Soundcloud Page and be sure to check out videos for all the tracks from the EP on his Youtube page.