EP Review – Sir Cadian Rhythm – Self-Titled - follow @sircadianrhythmThe best description of Sir Cadian rhythm and their first venture into EP land is an Incubus/Red Hot Chili Peppers/big band jazz fusion. It seems like that particular mashup couldn’t or shouldn’t be done, but this new band from Long Island, New York pulls it off quite well. The five songs the band chose for their first EP, recorded at indie favourite Zin Records in Calverton, NY, are a telling cross-section of what fans can expect from this promising new act.

The distinguishing characteristic which identifies Sir Cadian Rhythm with Incubus is lead singer Jack Weppler’s Brandon Boyd-esque vocals. Some of the compositional structures will also remind fans of early 2000s American indie bands. The EP opens with “Flood of XIV,” a good example of this influence on the band, but the next track, “Holly’s on Fire” is quite different. This is where the jazz comes in, and also the prominence of bassist Richard Cluxton’s high energy playing and the funk backing hearkens back even farther into indie rock: early Red Hot Chili Peppers and the like.

“Ouroboros,” the EP’s third track, takes a different direction in that it’s got a bit of hard rock to it, and “Run Around Town” goes back to pretty and melodic early 00s indie rock with more great Flea-esque bass from Cluxton. The final track, “Villian Fear” merges all the styles showcased on the EP and adds some acoustic guitar style from Alex Laudani and recognizable jazz suncopation from drummer Matthew Carlin. Perhaps the best song on the album, smooth jazz and clean indie rock lines of “Villian Fear” form the frame in which Weppler’s vocals can really soar. Emotive and bell-clear, these vocals show Weppler’s versatility and the whole band’s love for jazz.

Sir Cadian Rhythm began recording their debut self-titled EP in late fall 2014, and it was released by early February, 2015. The five songs on this release are hopefully just a preview of what’s to come from a clearly very talented, diverse and thoughtful bunch of musicians. The EP is available to stream or purchase on Sir Cadian Rhythm’s Bandcamp page, and they’ve also got a bunch of fun cover mashups on their Youtube page.