Set for release on December 22nd, the new EP from rock trio Sly Antics marks the arrival of an excellently grimy new rock band. With growling (but melodic) vocals laid out over some classy interlinking guitar, bass and drums, this is well written rock which also keeps things dirty, gutsy and energetic.

The scene is set by the mid-tempo stomp of ‘Intro’ before the band’s rock credentials are truly released on the layered, speedy ‘Captive City’. This is a song which turns out to typify the sound of Sly Antics – rolling along with great momentum and a sense of interlinking instruments and excellent structuring. This sounds like faint praise, but you wouldn’t believe how many promising rock bands get this wrong, going balls to the wall throughout instead of knowing when to ebb and flow.

‘Morning Games’ opens with a superb guitar and bass line which sets the scene for another dirty rock track, before ‘Lights Go Down’ feels more in the pop rock vein and adds a nice new shade to the style. Finally, ‘Break It Buy It’ closes things as they started – with stomping, solid rock.