Live review from Nikki Tomeo of The Songbird

I almost didn’t make it to this show, but I am sure glad I did! I went to a music venue called Ziggy’s to see a rock band from out of Asheville, The Broadcast. See I’m a broke college student and couldn’t swing the $20 ticket price. But then something amazing happened: I made it onto the guest list! I have known the band for a while and their lead singer, Caitlin Krisko, was sweet enough to put me on the list. So shout-out to Caitlin for her lovely generosity! Now for my review of the show.

Since the show was on a Thursday, I was not expecting much of a crowd. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people came out to see the show. The venue itself was set up like your standard club with a huge dance floor, a bar on the far left and the far right with the stage in the center of the action. However, it was bigger on the inside (Doctor Who reference). Even Aaron Austin, guitarist, commented on how big the venue is. But let me tell you the band had no problem filling up the space with pure, unadulterated rock n’ roll!

The Broadcast is made up of five talented musicians: Caitlin Krisko, lead singer; Aaron Austin, guitarist; Tyler Housholder, percussion; Jaze Uries, drums; and Ted Marks, bass. I have seen these guys perform multiple times so I did go in with expectations and they were definitely met! Their overall sound is very reminiscent of 70’s rock ‘n roll with a lot of soul and power. Every song they write demonstrates their incredible musicianship with instrumentation that makes you “wow” at their talents.

Caitlin is the ideal female rocker! She can navigate a melody like nobody’s business, going from belting beautifully to delivering vulnerable vocals. She has this deep, rich quality to her voice that makes you pay attention. Her presence on stage is captivating to say the least; she had me wanting to jump up and dance with her! Aaron had plenty of ripping guitar solos that had me clapping until my hands hurt. He let his guitar speak for himself and I appreciate that.

Tyler was so energetic with his percussion section! He was so fun watching him play! He had all kinds of drums, symbols, and tambourines that mostly played with his hands. The last two members, Jaze and Ted, are new to the band, but you couldn’t tell. They were just as into the performance as the rest of the band. The band’s chemistry was right on the money!

Overall, it was a fantastic show! I came home with hurting feet and a sore throat, but it was well worth with it.