An independent songwriter who has travelled the world over the course of his career, The Rebel Scientist is an artist who earns his crust as a session musician and guitarist. Having taken to the stage in some of the world’s top venues, the time has now come for him to step out on his own, which he has done with new EP ‘Never Stop Waiting For You’.

The EP is designed as a love letter to music itself – unsurprising given that it’s clearly both a passion and his livelihood. That passion results in a cavalcade of great songs, catchy melodies and top vocal guests.

As in independent musician, it’s often difficult to find a foothold in the music industry. In the case of The Rebel Scientist, he has done that through hard work and developing his session skills. If he can translate that success into his writing career, then this EP will get the attention it deserves.

Find ‘Never Stop Waiting For You’ now on Spotify and iTunes.