Seeing the band Boy Azooga up close and realising how incredibly fresh-faced and young but being so undeniably talented they are, you kinda end up taking a bit of stock of your own life and perhaps wondering about the time you may have wasted.

But, self-deprecation aside, this band assuaged any concern over their early years and proved they have the chops to create something worthy.  To a full, stuffed house of a varied audience all watching attentively, The Portland Arms in Cambridge was the host to the genesis of their tour on Tuesday night. The venue is known for true music appreciation hence the tightly packed audience.  There were no drunkards bashing about here and there, it was supreme focus on the modest stage with learned ears waiting for excellence to sway them.  And, the band delivered.

From the first song, ‘Breakfast Epiphany’, they established themselves in the space.  They played  effortlessly as they made their way through the melodic track, laced with seamless harmonies and faultless musicianship. What I found most striking was the way they experimented with style and form so readily and a whole host of incarnations while still feeling fresh.

Each song was truly independent and different in approach and yet somehow there was a common thread throughout.  They have a slight musical magpie nature about them in that they dabbled in the essences of various artists who have long gone before them.  It is a certainly eclectic their new album, ‘1, 2 Kung Fu!’ and definitely one to have in your collection.  And yet, to look at them, you wouldn’t think they would be producing such sounds with such an open framework as the band is wonderfully unassuming.

They ease through rockier tracks and hint to the psychedelic and punkish but certainly visit funk and groove liberally.  Their standout track, ‘Face Behind Her Cigarette’ has a very familiar base line and garnered a huge response before and after the song meaning it already has a huge following.  They just master at every angle and that song really was proof positive of their technical accuracy and song writing capabilities.

To their deserved credit, the huge cheers they raised, getting larger and larger as their 45-minute set went on, with everyone really present and taking part, their sound makes them quite universal without being pop but just solid, quality musicians and artists.


Photos by ©PremiumPhotographic