Hip-hop saw its golden era during the early to mid 90s, and this was the age in which emerging LGBT artist Tony Banks grew up.

The Brooklyn based musician began his foray into music performing in his local church choir, but was quickly seduced by the allure of hip-hop and everything it had to offer. Tony immersed himself within the style as he grew older, as well as the recording studio, where he began to create his own beats and pen lyrics with substance.

His latest single ‘Run!’ is a politically fuelled dance anthem that dips its fingers into the worlds of rap, house and of course, hip-hop too.

‘Run!’ is powered on a heavy, bouncing beat that seems to swing from side to side, creating the oppositional forces of black vs. white which emerge from Bank’s rant on the state of politics in the US. Backing vocals from other LGBT artists EarthTone and JwlB share many of the same sentiments, but add a contrasting layer of texture with their roaring soulful timbre.

Tony Banks - The Music Site (www.TheMusicSite.com)

What strikes you about Banks’ lyrics once you actually take the time and concentration to listen to them time and time again, is just how clever they. Not only do they have a flow and precision of pinpoint accuracy, but they are poignant, striking, relevant and even humorous. The refrain of ‘Run Forrest Run’ harks back to the Tom Hanks classic, but as a predominantly white-centric film, Banks’ use of this particular piece of pop culture is interesting considering the topic of black lives which he addresses.

Hip-hop has always seemingly combated social issues since its inception and clearly, this has not changed; Tony Banks has merely blended his genre with hints of his other influences, but the powerful subtext still takes centre stage.

Listen to Run! below: