While watching Jess and The Bandits perform recently, I was transported on a journey of heartache, happiness and honesty, feeling every word lead singer Jess belted out despite suffering from a bad cold! But what I loved most, was that each member of the band let their personalities come alive while performing, they were completely in their elements.

Starting 10 minutes ahead of schedule, the band seemed eager to get on stage and the audience weren’t arguing against it. The guys were first on, greeted with an applause by fans, with Jess following shortly after in her glittery cowboy boots, embracing her country roots!

The band opened with a flawless performance of ‘My Name Is Trouble from their previous album ‘Here We Go Again’, which immediately had the crowd swaying along in unison with the song. Jess seems like a woman of many talents and her stage presence is something to be admired. In-between songs, Jess regularly interacted with the crowd asking them questions and making jokes, she even admitted to hating the cold despite living in the UK for 10 years, but promises to bring back some heat when she returns from Texas next.

Jess and The Bandits had a perfect consistency of upbeat and slow songs, playing some new material such as ‘The Bullet and ‘Gone Girl, from their latest album, while also incorporating some of their well-known tracks like ‘Nitty Gritty and a cover of ‘Love Sneakin’ Up on You’. A stripped back rendition of Glan Campbell’s ‘Wichita Lineman was also performed as a tribute to Sir Terry Wogan who was a big part of the Jess and The Bandits family. My personal favourite song of the evening was ‘Sister, which I relate to on various levels, with a message about women supporting and empowering each other instead of bringing one another down.

The band rounded off their set with an electric performance of ‘Ready Set for the crowd to really let loose to before thanking everyone for coming out and heading off stage. Unsurprisingly, they were back on in no time due to a continuous, and well deserved, applause to play two more foot-tapping tracks.

If Jess and The Bandits were performing to 10 people or 10,000 people, there is no doubt they would give everything they’ve got in every performance. One of the most joyous and entertaining musical events I have been to so far!

Photo Credit @TheMusicSite