Glasgow born Kevin McGuire has been making quite the name for himself in the country music world already. He burst onto the scene at age 17 and in his short career, he’s already played a whole host of iconic venues up and down the country, from O2 Academies to The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Last year Kevin released his debut country EP Foreign Country, which shot straight to Number 2 on the iTunes UK Country Charts, not bad for a debut eh? This has managed to already cement him in as one of the UK’s foremost young, country talents. Now he’s kicking off 2018 with a bang, Kevin is releasing a covers EP of some of his favourite tracks reimagined in a country manner, and the first release is ‘The Sound’, a cover by British indie pop band, The 1975.

Kevin’s version of ‘The Sound’ is incredibly different to the original from the get go, the shiny, loud synth beats are traded in for various stringed instruments, mellowing down this raucous, pop track. In fact, it’s so slowed down and mellowed out that it is almost more on the ballad side of things that a pop-cover. Kevin has a beautiful voice, one that works well covering Matty Healey’s, they both have that same sweet and smooth sound.

Honestly, the track is almost unrecognisable as a cover of The 1975. Kevin has really managed to stamp his own identity into one of the catchiest and most recognisable indie tracks of this decade. It’s not until the breakdown that the track is fully recognisable and comparable to the original. The original’s breakdown is full of quick paced synth beats, Kevin has layered strings over and over to sort of emulate this, it still gives this acoustic version the bounce and punch without going too hard into it. He’s crafted an acoustic track just as infectious and catchy as the original.

Kevin believes that artists shouldn’t feel restricted and confined to a particular style. I think, for me, that’s what makes this cover interesting. It is possible to take great songs, dress them up and sing them whatever way you like and a good song will always shine through”

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Stream ‘The Sound (Acoustic)‘ on Spotify below.