‘I can always depend on a new situation’ is not only a lyric of Last Great Dreamers’, but it could easily be a mantra of their’s too.

The band is back, back, back again with their third full length album since their return from hiatus: 13th Floor Renegades. It’s been a minute since their debut album Retrosexual rocketed them to fame 14 years ago. After extensive U.S. touring and an eventual hiatus, Last Great Dreamers returned and have been at the top of their game ever since. Does 13th Floor Renegades hold up to their past material?

Containing 11 pop/punk tracks, mostly a little short but entirely sweet, 13th Floor Renegades is a pretty good indie album. Their token rock sounds are perfected and the influence of touring with American bands can really be heard in their sound, especially in the energetic opener ‘New Opener’. It’s fun, loud and everything you need from a 90’s teen film. (Everybody say ‘As if!’)

The title track is early in the album, but it’s an incredibly catchy tune ‘we’re champions in our delusions’

They know what they’re good at and stick with it, a bit of variation wouldn’t go a miss however the Last Great Dreamers are doing what they’re best at. It’s great, fun pop/punk with infectious choruses and hooks on hooks on hooks. Although it can be found to be just a little bit same-y at times. ‘Speed of Light”s opener is a bit different to the rest of the album, the slow guitar riffs are more rock than punk, hearing more of this wouldn’t be a bad thing. Whilst they say the rise of Britpop was their decline, this is the most Britpop track of the album- and it works. ‘For Your Information’ is a little bit folk-y, so they are showcasing some of their diverse sounds, let’s get more of this next time as it’s really something.

13th Floor Renegades wasn’t created in the traditional manner, on the album the band had a bit to say:

“Everything fell into place at the right time,” explains Marc. “We started a Pledge campaign for the album, which had a fantastic response. The fans’ involvement was truly incredible and their generosity never ceases to amaze us. Hopefully with this album we get to repay their faith. It’s really been an organic process from start to finish, with a few twists and turns along the way, but we’re really proud of what we’ve managed to achieve in a short space of time.”

I think we can safely say that they’ve hit it out of the park for their own fans. Will this lure in new fans? Their unique blend of nostalgia, sharp lyricism and dynamic choruses will keep everyone hooked.

Catch Last Great Dreamers on tour:

Sat 7 April: Birmingham Asylum 2 (Album Launch)
Thu 12 April: London The Black Heart
Fri 13 April: Cannock The Station
Sat 14 April: Bridgend Hobos
Sun 15 April: Cambridge Portland Arms
Wed 18 April: Wakefield Black Mass
Thu 19 April: Grimsby Yardbirds
Fri 20 April: Carlisle Embers
Sat 21 April: Glasgow Nice’n’Sleazy
Sun 22 April: Newcastle Trillians