Los Angeles-based Madison Malone‘s music is described as ‘the beauty created beneath the destruction’, an otherworldly description that will only make sense after having listened to her tracks yourself. Malone has just dropped her latest single, the ethereal and fluid pop track ‘Flowers on Leather’.

‘Flowers on Leather’ was recorded and produced far from the City of Angels, like the rest of her album, in a ski chalet outside of Montreal after Malone chose to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. Joined by producer Hugo Montecristo, Malone rustled up some magic.

Malone’s vocals are incredibly powerful, she really has one of those voices that defines pop in 2018, however when she she spits out ‘Flowers on Leather’ multiple times thoroughout the track, it goes from feeling a bit Spice Girls-y to iconically early noughties pop. Both of which are great things in my book.
Understandably she’s drawn comparison to Lorde, her layers of backing vocals (aptly described as a ‘rebellious angel choir’) harken back to some of Lorde’s earliest work, namely The Love Club EP. Fans of Billie Eilish and Sigrid will likely find themselves enjoying this track too.
In contrast to the lyrics focusing on the complexity of humans and their relationships, Malone’s visual for ‘Flowers on Leather’ is a minimalist lyric video created by Denna Madain – you can watch this below. Malone’s concept for the song stemmed from her finding parts of herself conflicting, as she told Baeble Music, she felt she could be introverted/extroverted, masculine/feminine, the darkness/the lightness, anxious/calm, ashamed/proud all at once.’ Inspired by the baffling concept of human nature, she created a track focusing on the duality of human nature, ‘Flowers on Leather’ so to put it.
Stream ‘Flowers on Leather’ on Soundcloud.