London-based pop duo OMYO (pronounced ‘ohm-yo’) consists of 24 year old Tom McCorkell and 27 year old William Edward. The two have been producing strong tracks for a while now (including ‘Mysterious Girl‘) and have now dropped their latest, and probably their best, song ‘Goodbye is Easy’.

‘Goodbye is Easy’ is a lovesong harkening back to a relationship that has broken down, quite possibly the fault of the narrator. Lyrically, the song isn’t overly complex, it’s grounded and relatable, it does the job and does it well. Tom provides the main vocals , his voice during the chorus of Brendon Urie in a lot of the earlier Panic! At the Disco works, it’s definitely not something you’d expect to be hearing alongside a lot of acoustic guitar, but it really works well. Tom’s vocals really shine during the infectious choruses.

William is in charge of the backing track and it’s safe to say he’s really hit it out of the park. The modern blend of acoustic guitar with various synth sounds really amplifies the song, the synth/guitar combo is what makes this song an absolute earworm.

The bridge is really beautiful, it’s like Ed Sheeran with some extra instruments and an incredibly catchy beat. It’s harder to pick a standout moment of a song than it is a film, but the bridge is it here. It’s the scene where  Harry finally kisses Ginny, or when Luke finds out who his Dad is. This then drops into a pretty sweet breakdown, OMYO’s vocals are really powerful and can stand on their own. Together William and Tom’s voices create a bit of magic, it’s really something. Not too long after, the song hits an abrupt end, much like the relationship the song characterises.

Listen to ‘Goodbye is Easy’ here and find out more about OMYO, including when you can see them live, here.