Professional model Sam Way has proved he’s truly a talented threat, his recent album ‘Archetype’ saw him climb to number 8 on the male singer-songwriter charts and performing incredible Sofar Sounds shows on both sides of the Atlantic, in London and New York. Not content with already hitting out of the park in one of the most competitive fields, Way has gone and done it again, this time as a singer-songwriter. And we’re mighty glad he decided to, because what he has created is extremely well made and crafted to perfection.

You and All Your Things’ is his latest single, embodying chilled out, soulful acoustics.  Way has taken a dark piano medley and created an emotional ballad that is just as reliant on the instrumentals as Way’s silky voice that truly sucks you in. The combination of his intoxicating vocals, fragile lyricism and incredibly timed backing (shifting from piano to strings and more later in the song) have really pulled together a ballad you’ll want to keep hitting play on, even through your tears.
You and All Your Things’ is a rather intimate track, opening with the line ‘You know me more than anyone.’ It’s raw and personal, it’s relatable and from the soul. Listeners will becoming invested in Way’s vivid description of a potential breakup, a topic so oft used in songwriting, but not like this, and not with this beautiful production.
In contrast to his album Archetype, ‘You and All Your Things’ is so vulnerable – Way has taken this opportunity to really showcase his diversity in his skills as a singer songwriter. Really this should be unsurprising, he’s already proved her can climb charts AND model for Burberry. He’s starting 2018 in a strong way, no pun intended.
‘You and All You Things’ will be available to download and stream on February 23rd.