The Hard Rock Stage at the Isle Of Wight Festival was home to some incredible acts over the weekend, all really unmissable.  I had the pleasure to catch two acts over the weekend and they did not disappoint.

The closing act on Friday night’s line up was KilliT.  I had caught this band a few weeks before the festival so wanted to check them out in full-festival form.  They completely rocked the house.  Everyone was on their feet with the heavy, rock-laden songs throughout the set, every song just huge sound from the first note.  The band’s energy focused the crowd’s attention and it was complete love back and forth. And, chatting with the band afterwards, they were truly charming guys who were just so happy to be there and soaking up the gorgeous festival vibe that was in swing by Friday evening.

On Saturday, I listened intently to Hannah Paris, a tiny powerhouse of a singer/performer/musician with a devastatingly talented band to accompany her.  She has a strong handle on the blusey, slightly Americana sound with accents of soul being careful to navigate away from the tendencies this genre can typify.  The standout song for me, ‘You, You, You’, had all the requisite southern blues flavour and I found that she injected an intensity and edge to it that made it a favourite. She is a powerful artist and one to seek out.

The one act I missed that I had been desperate to see again was young Joe Slater.  At just 21, he has a total grasp on the most stunning vocals and lyricism.  When I listen to him, I get a bit lost, he is just so unbelievably talented, soulful and natural in his delivery and form.  His voice and aura just fills the space.  I am willing myself to get to see him again soon, he is so worth a listen, I wholly recommend you check him out.

But, that is the goal of the Hard Rock Stage at The Isle of Wight Festival, to fill it with impressive talent and with names you may not know but should or will do very soon.  They are champions of true music, because, that’s what it is all about.


Photos by ©PremiumPhotographic