OK, so, it’s the first night of the Isle Of Wight Festival, and quite a unique one at that as the iconic festival is celebrating its 50th, with the backdrop of a glorious summery solstice evening, when headliners The Wombats slip on stage.

The band have been promoting new album,  ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’ which is a direct line to brilliance and strides perfectly forward where they left off from their last undoubtedly. This latest offering has resulted in some anthemic, creatively fertile material.  And, taking the crowd’s eager chanting before their set and their willingness to swoop and soar with them along the way, there is no shortage of big love here for this band. The fans are certainly here and willing to take the journey.

Hitting all the high points off the new album along with the glittering, cherished and beloved favourites included, the set grooved along expanding on the theme they have mastered and tethered so well in their performances. All of them illuminated by staccato amber lighting as the band made their way, they gainined momentum with quick and clean beats, fresh guitarwork and eclectic, effortless vocals led by frontman Matthew Murphy in his silvery, sequined trainers.  New track, ‘Black Flamingo’ was a top effort from my perspective as lyrically it provides an ample, clever soundscape but heard live it’s simply impressive. That being said, nothing disappointed in their set. It was tight from the start and needed nothing added or reduced, they were banging out tracks with stunning proficiency.

Ending the night of day one t the festival with such a blasting, treasured collection of musical delight that is The Wombats, the rest of the weekend will undoubtedly fetch equal highs and build on the party that just got going so watch this space.


Photos by ©PremiumPhotographic