The Cincinnati-based band WALK THE MOON, on tour for new album, ‘What If Nothing’, created a stunning atmosphere last night in the somewhat intimate venue of The Waterfront in Norwich with a buzzy crowd excited and eager to see the group take the stage.

There is a largely positive vibe in the new album but tinged with a slightly grittier tone at times.  The band has experienced and explored more challenging subjects personally of late that have been keenly reflected in their latest musical offering.  They have been quite open about getting back to their rockier roots on this their third album and have said that it was what needed to happen following their previous work.  It is plainly evident that there were emotions to navigate which led to the denser reality of this album.

With a sample audio track of the ‘Lion King’ playing as they came onstage, they then eased into ‘Press Restart’, the first track off their new album.  Viking markings deftly donned on his face, front man Nicholas Petricca, roused the audience with the wide, vast sounds of the hooky-rock track and filled the space with such high and lifted energy.  The song sounds like a mantra for the band at the moment and surely that is the intention.  They are clearly moving forward, and in the face of the slight unknown.  By edging more towards fundamental rock sounds layered with inspirations from more personal moments, they have given their music more depth and widescreen poingnancy.

There is a large landscape to their live performance which is totally infectious and not a moment of dull, wasted energy.  To all those who put their hands up when Petricca asked, ‘Who has never seen Walk The Moon live?’ and he responded with an endearing, ‘Welcome to our tribe!’  And, it has a that feel to it, like a tribal movement that is open to all.

As they made their way through their set, full of fundamental and frenetic guitarwork, joined by soaring keyboards, polished back beats and layered with Petricca’s epic and adept vocals, they came to their first single of the album, ‘One Foot’.  It has a great anthemic quality, especially given the lyrical content,  and was even better in a live version.  All of their music has a steadiness to it, and none of the tempermental or chaotic tones that can deflect.  Their set had a 3D quality and the sound really bounced off every surface making it a fully immersive experience.

They finished their encore with hit ‘Anna Sun’ and the crowd was practically luminous with pleasure over what was a kind of musical adventure, even for just one night!

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Photos by ©PremiumPhotographic