bitterskiss2New Jersey project Bitter’s Kiss is the newest by Chloe Baker, a young singer/songwriter who is wise beyond her years. Still attending High Tech Art Academy in her hometown, Chloe clearly has an innate gift for poetry and for setting her verse to music. With the help of her father, also a musician, she has produced her debut album, a self-titled effort, which showcases her beautiful voice and a poetic sensibility which is almost too good to be true. “The Rope” is the first single off this debut folk album, and it certainly has the future indie pop star showing her chops right out of the gate.

Baker’s voice is in the higher registers with bright and bell-like quality, but there is also some underlying smokiness to it. This unique timbre lends itself well to the outlaw country feel of “The Rope.” The song structure is simple, but the subject matter of said song is very, very difficult. Despite the taboo surrounding the subject of suicide, the young Baker has fearlessly explored it in “The Rope” after a distant cousin succumbed at a young age. The lyrics are very personal but also allude to church and religion, as the cousin she lost was from a religious background.

If “The Rope” is a bit squeamish as a song, wait until you see the video. Featuring a very young child as the victim of the suicide, the shocking imagery drives home the point Baker wants to make about the seriousness of suicide and also show her empathy for those who feel the pain of life is sometimes just too great.

Bitter’s Kiss certainly comes out swinging with “The Rope” as a first single, but the rest of this debut album is no less personal and well-written, albeit not every song is as shocking and sad. With this much talent and skill already at her disposal it’s clear Cloe Baker will do great things with Bitter’s Kiss and in future projects. Her album is currently available to stream on her Soundcloud page, and will be released in full for purchase later this year.