gumshen2Seattle, Washington’s Gumshen have just released their third album, entitled Digibites, on their Bandcamp page. Some of the  songs on the album are a little too reminiscent of some of the best electro acts of the 200s like LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip, but their second single, “Latency Head” sees the relatively new band defining their sound in a refreshing and unique way. “Latency Head” is a prime example of where the band are hopefully going with their burgeouning signature sound; electro fusion with a twist.

“Latency Head” does have a few elements of the band’s favourite muses, Hot Chip, as do the lyrics in the beginning. After about 30 seconds, however, a funky house beat and bassline are added to the mix, and the electro bleep bloops and high-pitched lyrics stand back in favor of more indie funk lyrics and disco rave. The vocals are a little trippy with a layering technique which does not always warrent a change in the direction of the song but simply another layer added. In fact, it would seem that layering is the name of the game on “Latency Head,” as electro layers over house, and funk and indie layer over top of that. Even the extra samples on the track, like a very faint hint of a Moog, are layered over other sounds to create a rich and interesting sonic tapsetry.

In some songs on Digibites, Gumshen can sound almost as if they are parroting other acts. “Latency Head,” is not one of those songs. With this one single Gumshen have began to eke out a signature sound in a more real and concrete than on any of their previous albums. “Latency Head” is available to stream or buy along with the rest of Digibites on Gumshen’s Bandcamp page.