We_come_together_(artwork_1500x1500_300DPI) (2)DJ Halo-Halo and DJ Bula worked as DJs in the NYC clubs in their heydey of the early 90s. They have been collaborating on ever since, creating danceable pop remixes and rave anthems for over 20 years. With the current EDM scene taking off like a juggernaut, HH&B are finding their high-energy deep house style more populat than ever. They released four singles and a number of remixes between 2013 and 2014 and their newest single, “We Come Together,” was just released in April.

“We Come Together” is a funky disco house throwback which features vocalist Jun Rarela and is reminiscent of the soul-and-funk-inspired disco house sounds of the 90s club scene in which Halo Halo and Bula met and cultivated their sound. This is an older and less festival-style track and very different from their remixes and recent original songs like “Make Some Noise” and “Give It to Me.” The vocal track on “We Come Together” is a complete R&B-style song rather than a sampled track, and the beat and instrumental melody are definitely more mellow and funkier than recent endeavours.

If “We Come Together” was meant to remind ravers of the sounds and styles from whence the current EDM/deep house music came, HH&B have achieved their goal. Fans of chill disco house can find this and HH&B’s more lively rave tracks on their Soundcloud page.