Available online now as part of his ‘Change of Heart‘ album, ‘It’s Only Life’ is the kind of crowd pleasing pop song you could be fooled into thinking nobody was making anymore. With recent chart trends straddling folk, indie, hip-hop and dance styles, it would be easy to pronounce pure pop dead on arrival.

Thankfully, nobody has told Jules Knight that. Having finished his stint as Dr Harry Tressler on ‘Holby City’, Knight has released an album that belongs in that often forgotten area of pop which has been so well represented by bands like Take That. The latest example is this single – a ballad with true mass appeal.

‘It’s Only Life’ has a streak of melancholy in its tale of romantic needs not being fulfilled, a real sense of longing wrapped up in excellent production that is genuinely world class. The slow build evenly builds to a great crescendo, with each verse outdoing the last and a chorus that will stay in your head without being cheesy or catchy.

Ultimately, this is a straight-forward song for people who enjoy pop music. A downbeat ballad with heart.