CD Cover (3)Lovesucker are a new duo out of North Carolina who describe themselves as “Indie rock meets west coast gypsy soul,” whatever that means. It seems that Lovsucker, if anything, are more funk with a side of soul or soul with a side of funk. Their debut self-titled album was released in October 2014 and is available on Bandcamp.

The “soul” part of Lovesucker’s sound comes through loud and clear, and sometimes too loud, via singer Crystal Crosby. The best example of her vocals is on the track “Show Me.” The key the song is written in compliments and tempers Crosby’s overzealous and brassy tones. The best way to describe these vocals would be Macy Grey after being chucked in the diaphragm. Crosby’s vocals border dangerously on being sharp, even to guitar/bass player Zoltan Von Bury’s piercing riffs.

On “Show Me” the bass work is decent as well, and it’s clear Von Bury knows his way around a slap bass, but despite this being the best and most cohesive track on the album, the production is rough and it’s just really tough to get around Crosby’s untrained vocals.

If you really like funk and soul with banshee-like overdone Mama Cass vocals, Loversucker is the band for you. There is potential there, as is exemplified by “Show Me,” but more training and better production values will probably be required on Lovesucker’s next venture.