intothefurther1When Matthew Santos teamed up with Lupe Fiasco on the 2007 hit, Superstar, neither artist could have anticipated just how much of a hit that song would be.  Despite his two-year foray into pop stardom and two Grammy nominations for the song, Santos has otherwise managed to stay true to his own eccentric style. Combining an indie folk base with jazz, disco, waltz and even beatboxing, Santos has gained a cult following with his unexpected music and dazzling live shows. With the title track off his new album, Into the Further, Santos is adding even more jazz with the help of his first backing musicans in almost six years.

On “Into the Further” and many other songs on Santos’ 7th album, he constripted the help of legendary jazz drummer Jon Deitemyer and electrified bassist Emma Huff to add an authentic jazz feel to the album. For the title track, he composed and Deitmeyer and Huff were able to deliver Miles Davis-like syncopation and rhythms, especially with Huff’s exceptional bass. The track is short and largely without vocals. While it’s meant to be an intro to the rest of the album and presumably the current phase of Santos’ music, it is one of most interesting tracks on the album.

Fans of Matthew Santos’ eccentric style and his crazy solo shows may need to do some adapting with Into the Further, as it is moe of his more conventional albums of the last few years. His composition, vocals and musicality are still impeccable, however, and Santos denizens will still be able to find some surprises on this new album. Into the Further can be streamed or purchased on Matthew Santos’ website under music.