Prepare yourself, the new single from Mickey 9s, ‘Soundhaus (Ha Ha Ha)’ from their album, Galactic Radio, has some legs to it, and I mean that it the best possible sense.  It is super hard, fast and has the requisite grit to it that is full of dexterous, full-throttle intention.   Released on the  30th of March, it is definitely one to seek out.  The four-piece band who hail from Glasgow, are on an upward trajectory at this point and this release will certainly get them to the next stage.

The band have created a powerhouse of a new single that actually sort of hovers on the edge of being punk but lands before it reaches that destination fully (think The Cult but slightly more upbeat).  The track has rigorous chords with hammering vocals that blast through the lyrics quickly and come across as well crafted.  This is one track to suck you in and bang your head a bit in nodding agreement.

It is fully punctuated throughout with a solid beat which has a sort of staccato effect to it and layered with cool guitar riffs, they soundly pump the adrenaline and atmosphere of the overall feel.  I have truly gravitated to this track.  Its slightly edgy and has a strong draw to it so you just wanna play it again and again.

They have a few dates lined up in the coming months with one on the 12 of May at The Art School in Glasgow (as hometown heroes no doubt!) and are performing at the Lindsfarne Festival on the 1st of September in Newcastle Upon Tyne.  Hopefully, more dates will be added soon to appease their growing list of adoring fans (myself included).

Keep your eyes on this band and follow them dutifully, you will hear their name again most certainly!