Natalise and the Sunset Run are a newer project out of San Francisco, having just released their first EP, Glimpses of the Sun, a few days ago. The group blend classical, rock and pop styles to create a sound which is uplifting and honest at the same time. The first single off this EP, “The Lucky Ones”, showcases the the group’s expert composition and, of course, Natalise’s stunning voice and piano playing. A video for “The Lucky Ones” released on Youtube in advance of the album in November.

Natalise began piano lessons at just three years old before moving on to vocal coaching at the age of eight. She then went on to study classical music at the highly respected San Francisco Conservatory of Music and is now a well-known pianist and singer in classical circles. Her years of training are definitely present in the beautiful piano work, pitch-perfect vocals and extremely clean copmpsition in “The Lucky Ones”.

With the simple, elegant composition of “The Lucky Ones” as a backdrop, Natalise’s well-trained voice is free to explore some indie flare. Though it’s clear she has the training to create an operatic sound with her vocals, she only really controls it when it’s needed. She allows a more free form style with her voice, and that serves to create an emotionally relatable timbre for her pop audience. The more bluesy, unhinged texture to her vocals hich helps drive home the sentiment of Natalise’s highly personal yet universal lyrics. While these lyrics were about her own personal experience with love and coming to grips with loss, she used more generic trems so that anyone listening could gain their own meaning. Between these universally poignant lyrics and the highly evocative music, it will not be difficult for Natalise’s audience to connect with this song.

“The Lucky Ones” no doubt will be breakout indie pop ballad for the spring. Along with the rest of Glimpses of the Sun, this track will help heal and inspire those who truly find connection and fulfillment in music, just as Natalise does. Click below to see the video for “The Lucky Ones”. Glimpses of the Sun can now be streamed on Natalise and the Sunset Run’s Soundcloud page.