ransomsceneryRansom Scenery are a relatively new avant-garde duo who released their debut album, Ear to Ear, in February. They recently released a video for the first single on the album, “Slowly Spinning.” Comprised of Drew Lowrey and Chaepter Negro, Ransom Scenery strive to create a sound which is emotive and haunting – a cross between electronic shoegaze and vintage electro, “Slowly Spinning” is an excellent first example of what Ransom Scenery are trying to do with their sound.

“Slowly Spinning” has a lot of moving parts to it, and seems to refer as much to the progression of sounds as it does to any lyrical theme in the song. In the beginning a layering technique is employed, showing hte amount of programming that goes into a track like this. Only the vocal track, some sparse drums and an organ undersample are present at first. Then the  key changes and a new drum track comes in which has sort of a dubstep style to it. A guitar track layers over the existing parts for a moment, but then the track fades almost before it really gets going.

It’s possible that “Slowly Spinning” is meant to be an introduction to the rest of Ear to Ear, but Ransom Scenery seem to feel that it works as a stand-alone track, as they created a video to accompany it. Released in April on Youtube, the video seems contrary to the song’s dulcet tones, as it features overtones of violence and a figure in a mask that won’t come off. It shows a different side to the “slowly spinning” concept, perhaps as an intimation toward the futility of life, but that’s just a guess.

No matter how “Slowly Spinning” or any of Ransom Scenery’s music is interpreted, this duo seems to have struck upon a musical concept that is at once novel and familiar, technically sound and evocative. Ear to Ear is avaialable to stream or purchase on Ransom Scenery’s Bandcamp page, and the video for “Slowly Spinning” can be watched by clicking here.