revoltCalgary, Alberta Canada’s The Unraveling released their first album in 2010 to critical acclaim, but after that there was a very sad radio silence from the duo. Vocalist and lyricist Steve Moore was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of what was to be a promising career. 13 Arcane Hymns was lauded by industrial and metal publications alike for its clean production and heavy passion, but Moore has had more pressing issues to focus on over the past four years.

Luckily Steve Moore recovered from his harrowing battle with cancer, but all the while The Unraveling’s guitarist and producer Gustavo de Beauville continued to work, both on his own projects and on songs for the return of the Unraveling. When he came up with something he thought would work well with Moore’s voice and lyric writing, he set it aside in the hope of less rainy days. Those days finally came in late 2014, and within a few months the reformed duo released the first such song, “Revolt.”

While the songs on 13 Arcane Hymns are normally a 50/50 split between metal and industrial, “Revolt” is decidedly more industrial in flavor, save for De Beauville’s slow yet clearly metal-inspired guitars. From the opening drums  to the synths to Moore’s scream-singing vocals which will remind audiences of Trent Reznor with a bit of actual tone thrown in, most of this track is industrial and dark wave right down the line. The lyrics, comparing ancient evils with those more modern and our current society’s lack of ability to recognize the dangers of our maniacal behaviour show Moore in good form. He clearly hasn’t lost his passion or the imagery he’s able to conjure up and marry with de Beauville’s dark and brooding musical tones.

It’s tough to tell from this vantage point whether The Unraveling plan to go more industrial with their sound from here on, as “Revolt” is their first release in almost five years. With their combined musical and lyrical talents, this newly reformed duo can really take the project in any direction they’d like. Both “Revolt” and 13 Arcane Hymns are available to stream or purchase on The Unraveling’s Bandcamp page.