vincegrant1Vince Grant’s debut EP, My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me, is about as raw and real one can get on an album. Possibly the most personal album ever written, Vince Grant has used his songwriting process as a therapeutic tool to cope with his struggle with mental illness, and through his bravery in releasing the album, the rest of us get to share in that painful but beautiful process of catharsis and self-healing.

The first single, “Melancholia,” is probably the most personal on an album full of personal songs. In gut-wrenchingly beautiful poetry, Grant’s lyrics describe the huge challenge and salvation that cam come from being in love while struggling with depression and addiction. Through intentionally strained and pained vocals, he paints the picture from both sides: that of the sufferer and of the poor person in love with him. The music’s base is a simple acoustic guitar but Grant also brought in Doug Grean to play the electric guitar, an uplifting part to the song which merges with the vocals to create a feeling of hope in the face of a beast like mental illness.

Grant says that writing and releasing My Depression is Always Tying to Kill Me  was a therapeutic and cathartic process for him. As tear-jerking and raw as his music is, hopefully his honesty and courage in making the album public will inspire those stll struggling with depression the courage not to give up the fight.

My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me Vince Grant’s Soundcloud page. If you or a someone you know is struggling with a mental illness or addiction, please visit the NHS’s  Lifeline mental health website for information and a 24-hour helpline.