With the release of DISTRACTED, his second full-length album, Bowrain has reached a new period in his artistic vision. DISTRACTED features guest appearances by musicians with whom Bowrain developed a collaborative relationship through his live performing and studio work, and who shares his creative vision.

Following his debut album, DISTRACTED is above all Bowrain’s composing at its best, formed of 7 tracks which arc through the album. It sees the musician embracing his primary instrument, the piano, which is the cohesive and most important element of his sound.

DISTRACTED began coming to light while the Slovenian born musician was living and working in Amsterdam. His path has taken him through many European cities, performing and composing what eventually became his search for homeland. The album was concluded in Ljubljana, his primary and current residence.

Bowrain’s vision embraces his own experience, not as a given fact but as a search for ephemeral structures of music which collide with contemporary and universal insecurities.

“Piano is my tool, my instrument. There is a reciprocal familiarity that happens when I dive into it. Playing piano for me is more natural than speaking.”

Listen to Refugee below:

Song 1: Bowrain – A New Beginning
Song 2: Bowrain – Saudade
Song 3: Bowrain – Asil
Song 4: Bowrain – Time
Song 5: Bowrain – Refugee
Song 6: Bowrain – Continuum
Song 7: Bowrain – Home *Not Available To Stream In UK At Present, But Is Included In Download

All songs written and composed by Bowrain except: Time, Refugee and Continuum, co-written with Mario Babojelić and Robert Nitschke Bowrain, piano, keyboards, vocals, production Mario Babojelić, guitars, production Robert Nitschke, drums Ema Kobal, cellos Vita Kobal, violins JAŠA, spoken word and text on “Time” Jernej Černalogar, mixing and producing Jure Vlahovič, additional sounds on “Saudade” Gregor Zemljič, mastering JAŠA, Rosa Lux cover design, drawing by Meta Grgurevič Cover image by JAŠA with Charlie Stein, photo by Rosa Lux Recording studios: Pianoroom, Recording Studio Hobbit and Studio Metro Ljubljana