Singer-songwriter Charlie Barnes has been busy these last few months dropping his incredible new album Oceanography and touring with Bastille during their ReOrchestrated tour as both their live member AND as one of the support acts. What he deserves now is a long rest, instead he’s chosen to launch the third single from Oceanography, ‘Bruising’ with a video of him being pelted with colour bombs. Not my idea of rest but I’m not very rock and roll.

On the video, Charlie comments: “This is the last video in our FAME trilogy. We thought: what better way to represent artistic frustrations than to let the two people who’ve had to spend the most time listening to me complain about my particular artistic frustrations (my wife, and my life guru Ryan), absolutely cover me in paint, glitter and feathers?  This was, obviously, done in one take, on a wet and windy day in my back garden in Lichfield.  It was totally worth it.”

The paint and glitter looked like it tasted absolutely rank, sorry Charlie. But at least it looks like he’s having a good time, as good a time you can have when you’ve got feathers stuck in your mouth anyway.

‘Bruising’ is one of the best tracks from Oceanography, it really highlights Charlie’s diverse abilities as a vocalist, lyricist and all round musician. It’s great to see it come to life alongside the two previous singles from Oceanography, ‘All I Have’ and ‘Wills & Testament’, the latter of which features a few sneaky backing vocals from Bastille’s Dan Smith.

Not only have we been lucky enough to chat with Charlie in the past, we’ve been lucky enough to see him twice, firstly at his solo show at Salford’s Eagle Inn and at the opening night of Bastille’s ReOrchestrated tour in Manchester, click the link to read our review of that evening. Spoilers, it was a really great show.

On this tour Charlie said: “I’ve been jokingly referring to this tour as my couple of weeks of doing double shifts.  That would, of course, imply that any of what I’ll be doing during the ReOrchestrated tour could be considered work, and it’s anything but that.  Any opportunity I get to play my songs to people is a lovely thing, but to get to do so in such glorious surroundings as the halls we’re visiting for this tour is truly an honour.  Steve and I were joking when recording ‘The Weather’ for the new album, that we wanted it to sound like I was playing the song in a grand concert house, like the Royal Albert Hall or something.  Funny, that.  To top it off, I get to be involved in the performance of the beautifully reimagined versions of Bastille’s songs, along with a deluxe sized ensemble of proper musicians, and I really can’t wait for that.”

You can stream and download ‘Bruising’ now across all platforms, and it comes coupled with a live acoustic version of the song recorded during one of Charlie’s opening shows for Bastille on their ReOrchestrated tour. You can watch the video for ‘Bruising’ below.

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