When writing about music it’s always a challenge to put into words how it sounds and how it makes you feel. By its nature, music is a format that is hard to describe, because it’s based on sounds, not words. This is why many music articles rely on ‘this artist sounds like….’ or ‘mixes genre a with genre b’ style description. It’s the easiest way to explain what something sounds like and to convey that to those who might like to hear something new.

So what do you do when a new album comes along that defies explanation? That’s the question when it comes to writing about ‘Look But See’, the upcoming album from Ren Capes. He himself describes it as ‘eccentric English rocktronica’, and that’s as good an explanation as any. Full of wild ideas and mixed genres, this will either delight you in its originality or baffle you completely.

So the best thing to do perhaps, is listen for yourself….here.