TOFFE takes his indie-electro sound in a whole new direction than his Swedish contemporaries. With his massive beats and characteristic voice he reminds of a raging m83 meets Queen.

With the release of his fourth single Riverside, there is no doubt that 2018 will belong to TOFFE.

Riverside is a song about taking responsibility for our actions, not looking to place blame elsewhere. Just as we find ourselves over encumbered with a tainted conscience we see our river of choice, shining in the afternoon sun as it is about to set, promising to wash away all our wrong doings, waking us the next morning clean and refreshed only to repeat the cycle.

TOFFE is a 27-year old Swedish artist based in Stockholm. The multi-instrumentalist writes and produces his own material and since early 2017 has released three singles and have already been hyped by multiple international blogs.

The inspiration to his magnific electric new retro wave-mix comes from the legends like Peter Gabriel, Frank Zappa and Genesis – resulting in an eclectic mix of electronica and organic topped with soaring pop melodies.

His talents have also been recognised by film director David Sandberg, contributing to the soundtrack of the highly successful indie movie ‘Kung Fury’ (under his real name Christoffer Ling) with additional material on the soon to be released Kung Fury ‘Lost Tapes’ Limited Edition Vinyl.

Listen/Stream Riverside below: