Like many guitarists, it was Jimi Hendrix who inspired up-and-coming singer/songwriter Kyle Douglas to pick up a guitar for the first time.   After years of chasing the typical “teenage dream” of rock stardom in local bands with high school friends, Kyle eventually turned to instrumental jazz as his first musical love. After playing solo in smaller jazz clubs in his early 20’s, Kyle once again decided to reinvent his style. Picking up on what Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson were putting down, Kyle quickly dove into the acoustic singer/songwriter world that inspired his next sound. Fast forward to late 2013, where Kyle had completely found his new “voodoo folky soul” style, taking it to smaller clubs all over his Indiana home turf while traveling into parts of Chicago… steadily gaining a fanbase.

“I try to implicate the sounds, themes, and feel of such artists as David Bowie, Van Morrison, Paul Simon, Ray Charles, T. REX, among many others while keeping a certain originality afloat within the music,” says Kyle. “My two main inspirations when I fell in love with music were Louis Armstrong and Django Reinhardt. I learned how to play with intensity from Django and with heart and rawness from Louie. While I’ve evolved since then, I try to stay true to those roots.”

Since signing to Star Crossed Artist Group in May, the artist development firm has seen this singer/songwriter hit major strides in a short time. “We love what Kyle brings to the table as a singer/songwriter,” says Star Crossed founder Jason Lottmann. “There’s a good niche for that raw, acoustic sound out there and we’ve certainly seen the demand for Kyle’s show and music grow in just a couple of months.”

Kyle Douglas is currently playing shows in support of his independently-released acoustic material. if you’re US bound you can catch a show with Kyle in Chicago at Original Mothers on 7/24 and again at the Burlington on 7/26.