Introducing Neal Hoffmann. singer/songwriter from London, also known under the name Amphibic -the distribution of his music is through Amphibic Records.

Recently releasing his solo album ‘Untrained Heart’, a combination of brass, strings and old bassoons, accompany his guitar and voice. Influenced by Don McLean, Johnny Cash, Turin Brakes, Jeff Buckly and The Cardigans; his folk rock melodies scroll through captivating and articulated lyrics about the suffering experienced through love and a man questioning himself on the relationships in life and the path he chose. The way Neal tackles and expresses his issues, through intriguing lyrics and catchy melodies, make this album an interesting and mesmerizing listen.

The albums first three songs settle you into the mood of what the album is going to be. With “Under a Different Sun” the album starts with a fast paced folk song about what could’ve been of a relationship under different circumstances. The second song “Maybe Arizona” is a slow ballad that deals with changes and taking the risk of going in a different direction. “Not Johnny Cash” comes next and here we have a country rock song. Dealing with self proclamation and demonstration of independence Neal Hoffmann says he will not turn into someone else just for other people. The rest of the album approaches similar themes in a very sentimental and sincere way.

You might find it a good suit for a long road trip or a Sunday morning at home kind of situation where you can focus on the whole package of stories and music that this album delivers to you.

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