Up and coming indie band Sugarspun have just released the video for their debut single ‘Spaceman Dreams‘. It’s already recieving massive love from the likes of BBC Introducing and Clash Magazine, having described it as ‘a rock ‘n’ roll hymn drawn from the ‘Definitely Maybe’ dimension.’

“A really focused band that are taking big strides with their music and their debut single is proof of that” is a quote from BBC Introducing, and it’s true. Sugarspun’s ‘Spaceman’ is incredibly polished indie, with a dose of Britpop thrown in there too- you can definitely feel a bit of Oasis influence in there, especially in the opening. The opening few moments to this track are pretty fantastic, it’s one of those rare tracks that hooks you in the first few seconds.

‘Spaceman’ is a rather fun and catchy track, it, like the band, doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s a relatable banger to all. As a child most of us probably had dreams of going to space (I know I did, and dreams of driving a train, two rather different dreams eh?) , and now as adults we’re all ‘stuck in jobs with bills to pay’. These guys have gone for the nostalgia factor and nailed it, it can be a risky move, though Sugarspun expertly pulled it off.

The band are a talented lot, the guitar riffs during the breakdown are absolutely fantastic. Success awaits if Sugarspun can keep the momentum they’ve built with only their debut single. Their instrumentals are already polished beyond belief.

The video for ‘Spaceman Dreams’, which you can catch below, really reflects the vintage 60’s feeling of the opening instrumentals in the shots of various spacecraft launching. It’s an apt video for a fun and reflective song, it’s a healthy mix of shots consisting of the band playing the track, and just mucking about on swings and all. It’s a lot of young imagery inter-spliced with adult life. Apart from some Movie Maker-esque effects at the end, it’s a good time all round, and the sampling at the end blends rather cohesively.

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Watch the video for ‘Spaceman Dreams’ below: