Ciqala is the latest musical project of Israeli artist and singer-songwriter Yafit Rahamim- Fleisher who has moved in a new direction for her new single ‘Caving’. Having teamed up with the talents of producer, Shai Pelled, the pair have created a dark, alternative electro-rock track driven by a pop-fuelled hook.

Ciqala takes inspiration from some of the best in the business, including classic brit-pop acts like Blur, Suede and Pulp, but whilst these play a part in forming her musical background, the sound of Ciqala is a world away: it’s moody, looming and evocative – much akin to the sounds of Evanescence or even Linkin Park. Escalating synths open the track before a fuzz-heavy bass line takes over, eventually making way for Ciqala’s hauntingly pure vocals.

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However, film also has a role to play in the influences of Ciqala- particularly esoteric 80s TV series such as The Tripods and Chocky, which have helped give her music a particularly visual feel.

You might be wondering where the name ‘Ciqala’ comes from and in fact, it translates as ‘little one’ in the Native American language of Lakota. Couple this with themes of spiritualism, simplicity, science and the purity of nature, and you have a powerful vision that encapsulates the work of this new and exciting, emerging artist.

Watch the video for Craving below: