Lauded by the likes of Mojo magazine, James Apollo is a singer-songwriter with an unusually high level of life experience which he uses to put together his rich, folky, rock and roll sound. It’s no small feat that he’s finally announced the release of his new album, ‘Angelorum’, after the original recordings were all completely lost in a studio fire. The new recordings though are arguably all the better for the work that’s been put into their re-capture. The LP will be out May 12th – check out single ‘Spinnin” here:

Incredibly, the fire wasn’t the biggest setback the songwriter has suffered in his career. One night, after a gig, he was knocked 30 feet from his motorcycle – leading to over a year of painful treatment and rehab on his injuries. It’s incredible that he was even able to play again, let alone write music of such high quality.

You can catch James live at the venues below:
Tour dates:

Apr 26   The Shakespeare                             Sheffield, United Kingdom
Apr 29   The Slaughtered Lamb                    London, United Kingdom
Apr 30   Cafe Tarifa                                        Oxford, United Kingdom
May 01  Stag & Hounds                                 Bristol, United Kingdom


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