London singer-songwriter Moir (aka Sarah Moir) is back with new single ‘I Can’t Bleed’, which premiered on The 405 and has already received international support on Spotify Finland’s New Music Friday. Embraced by thick choral layers, the latest cut takes a more vocal led approach than the driving percussion of her debut, ‘The Truth Is’. Moir wrote the songs that make up her forthcoming EP shortly after suffering a personal trauma, only truly realising the significance of her words and melodies when they began to make sense of what happened. Fusing harsh electronic textures with the purest of vocals, ‘I Can’t Bleed’ paints a striking picture of an artist who’s found clarity in the darkest of memories.

Writing music is Moir’s way of processing difficult situations and healing her mind of the wounds. Realising that ‘if bad things hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t be writing music’, songwriting gave her a voice that she recognised after years of hiding behind the words and characters of other singers. ‘I Can’t Bleed’ is about the finite offer of a sympathetic ear extended by others, ‘leaving just as you’ve got to the rawest part’. Choosing to act on her inspiration whenever it hits, Moir wrote the opening lines of the track at Liverpool Street Station during her morning commute before taking a quick phone recording into the studio to develop with producer Ewan Phillips. The creation of the title hook was a pivotal moment for the debut EP as what started out as just a few ad-libbed harmonies quickly formed the backbone of all material to come. Heavily influenced by her school gospel choir, Moir’s fervent vocal cuts clean through the electronic dissonance of the new single, perfectly showcasing the strength carried in her sweeping harmonies.

‘Grandiose and arresting from the first moment to the last’ – The 405

Listen to I Can’t Bleed below: